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How To Choose The Staircases Of Your Dreams?

Do you not know what stage is the best for you? Or do you not know from which stairs you can choose, if you already think of space? Below are all the steps to help you in choosing the best type of staircases styles.


Space saving stairs – These are the steps you can set if you do not have as much space or do not want to spend there so much space.

straight staircaseStraight stairs / Light Trap – A straight staircase is most often used in homes. This saves space and provides opportunities to build a space under the stairs. A straight staircase can also save a lot of space in width. There are different kinds of straight stairs; such as the broad type where two persons can stand side by side and narrow type where only one person can stand.

spindle stairsSpindle Stairs – If a straight staircase is too big, you can opt for the spiral staircase. A spiral staircase saves even more space. With a spiral staircase steps are running up around a mandrel or column. These stairs almost have open steps. A spiral staircase is often used in homes and small buildings such as a small office. This type of staircase looks graceful and dynamic than a straight staircase.

Mice StaircaseMice Steps – A mouse staircase resembles a straight staircase, but differs regarding stringer. The stringers are cut out in the contours of the stair treads. The mice staircase looks more modern. There is enough space under the stairs, for example, to insert a table or anything else.

Quarter Turn Stair – A quarter turn stair has 90 degrees angle of its steps. These stairs often have open steps. These stages are often used in both residential and commercial areas.

middenboomtrappen-3Middle Tree Steps – A middle boom kick has sat down the stair string in the middle because the direction of the stringer to determine is free, the staircase has a very dynamic appearance. This stage has open steps. These stages are ideal for modern businesses, but also for modern homes.

Grand staircases – The grand staircases are often used in large buildings, such as large companies and hospitals. Sometimes it is even the eye-catcher of an entrance.spiral staircases

Spiral staircases – A spiral staircase turns around to open space. These stairs can be very large and wide, so they take up much space.

design-trappenDesign stairs – an architect can draw a design staircase as per your preference. These stairs can be designed in different sizes. Design stages come up in various types, such as a spiral and sideways.