Piece Of You – Peace of the World


The Piece of You, Peace of the World Project (“PYPW” or the “Project”) is a global peace project.

PYPW wants to create awareness about the meaning of peace for individuals and their culture, from the perspective of their own experiences. It also hopes to deliver a global statement about common peace values based on the contributors’ visions in order to achieve and promote a better understanding of peace and the role of human rights within the future of the global society.
The stories will be published in a book in the form of a graphic journey depicting the world coupled with the powerful stories from our contributors.

The project’s aim is to have at least one person from every country and/or culture in the world to contribute.

Join us, your words matter!

Please become part of our Project, by submitting your answers to the questionnaire below and visit our Facebook page and the PYPW Stories section to get inspiration from the stories that have already been submitted by our contributors.

You can provide your answers in English, French, Spanish, Romanian, Dutch and Portuguese! 


See the terms and conditions here.

Thank you for sharing your story and your thoughts!