Our Positive Blog

What Is This About?

This is a blog for circulating positive energy.  We glean positive nuggets from the world and share them with you in bite-size pieces to help keep your positive energy tank full on days when you may need an external boost.

How Did This Begin?

This is a joint effort between friends.  We were united by our thirst for knowledge and experience.  When all the news bleeds with negative energy, we wanted a place to turn that spreads positivity and motivational actions or thought of ourselves or the others to keep us going through difficult times.

What dictates our choices

The choices we make influence us in many ways. They shape our destiny, they cause us to meet people, to see places, to discover new horizons, even when we least expect it. We can deliberately choose to laugh when we should cry.

Conquer Capitalism with Crowdfunding!

Have you ever had a brilliant idea that you started but you never finished because you lacked the money and time (because you had to use your time to work a day job to make money to live on)?

Living in a capitalist society as the Western world does, we are governed by money.

What makes you vulnerable makes you beautiful!

Dr. Brené Brown, a researcher studying (as she says herself) shame, empathy and courage, the author of the book called The Gift of Imperfection made a revolutionary discovery about vulnerability and its role in achieving happiness. The powerful ideas that you will find in her speech is about:

    • Connection and happiness: we are happy by being connected with other people present in our lives (family, friends, children or even work colleagues).

A life lesson in a city of angels

In the Romanian Carpathian Mountains a new city of angels has been born. One man (called Father Tanase) created an entire village that provides shelter for almost 400 abandoned children. Houses, gardens, forests and mountains inhabited by almost 400 little souls, all depend on one person who was not scared by their growing number.

Positive news = positive energy!

Sitting down with my friends, we all sighed that the daily news is rather negative in nature. Why, I wondered, would that be so? Who was it who decided that negative news deserves more attention than positive news? The answer appears to be right around the corner and I challenge you to think about it yourself.

Be so good that the world can’t ignore you

What exactly determines how good we are? Is it jobs, possessions, friends, significant others? What distinctive feature defines the goodness in you?

Sometimes life is kind enough to answer questions like these in a blessed way in the delirium of the world during rush hour on a Wednesday after work.

Living Joyfully (and Dealing With Stress)

As our first post, I would like to reflect on how to remain joyful while simultaneously dealing with stress.

Stress can often block our ability to see the joy in life.  Staying positive and living joyfully can sometimes be a challenge during these periods of time.