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How To Opt For The Best Print SMS App?

Do you want to print SMS course from your Android phone? You have several options, for example, you can print from the PC. However, this is a bit cumbersome. Another option is, use the e-Printer to print SMS from Android and Apple iOS devices also to print VMSG files. In addition, it can be easily accessed via Printing SMS app on network printers around. Here are a few solutions.


SMS history via Android App Print

You can print SMS directly with the app “PrinterShare Print”:

Installing the print SMS app, you print text messages or e-mails with WLAN or Bluetooth printers from in your area.

Using Remote can be a printer access, which is connected to your PC. This requires that your PC has the associated software to be installed.

The free version is limited to 20 pages. To unlimited print a lot, you need the paid Premium Key.

Printing via SMS Export

Another option is SMS Export and then Print them with any connected printer. For this purpose, you will have several apps from the Play store. Here are two examples of these apps:

“SMS Backup + ” saves your SMS, MMS and WhatsApp messages on your Gmail account. So you can easily print SMS messages as emails, on the PC.

“SMS to Text Pro ” secures your SMS as a text or Excel file on the SD card of your smartphone. The free version is limited to the export of TXT and CSV files. The file you can open on your PC with programs such as Excel, edit and print. This way is a bit cumbersome.

Print SMS via SMS Reader app

“SMS Reader For PC” is one of the most popular programs to synchronize the phone with your PC. In addition, to make a backup and then save or print your important contacts, appointments, VMSG files. Also, you can save and print SMS messages within few clicks.

Moreover, Printing SMS app lets you print to any compatible printer, which is on the same local Wi-Fi network that your mobile phone. If you use the cloud base e-Printer service, it lets you send the document or photograph; you want to print directly to the web. You just need to enable ePrinter from anywhere with an active Internet connection printer.


About SMS Reader for Print SMS

Normally, people that are looking for the very best Print SMS application, want an inexpensive product which supports their backup and printing SMS requirements.

SMS-VMSG.Org designs a free and a secure app SMS Reader For PC, compatible with all makes and model of Android phone. You can easily save and create a fine print copy of your SMS VMSG messages. You are going to be very happy to know that the Easy SMS Reader for PC is a free app much more advanced and user-friendly.

For more details Print SMS From Android, check out this website: