About Us

Here is the team!

Elsemiek (The Netherlands)

Discussing the idea of starting a movement with my friends over dinner one night, ended in creating Do Things Big that same evening. We all create our own reality, be aware of the fact that you create yours too! If you want to do something yourself, do not wait until tomorrow, do it now!

April (USA)

All the different cultures of the world compose a moving, dynamic fabric whose threads connect us all. I am amazed by how unique and yet the same we all are. Unique in our habits, the same in that we share emotions such as love, kindness and that hint of playfulness now and then. I challenge you to join us on our journey of discovery.

 Raluca (Romania)

Everyone has a unique talent to give to the world. Every day we shape lives and we leave a mark. Our success is proportional to the size of our dreams. So dream big and believe in yourself. And come meet us!Together we will make a difference.

Camila (Colombia)

Look up and realize that all of us are under the same sky. Though we are all divided geographically in many countries in the world, with different cultures and believes, we are linked by the same condition: we are human. You, as a citizen of the world, can make the link between us stronger.

Many thanks to Luana Suciu who helped us with the design of the Project’s logo.